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 Thermal Paradise

The Poça da Dona Beija

Naturally hot water rich in iron, coming from the Furnas Volcano.

At Poça da Dona Beija, you can experience moments of pure relaxation.

It is a space that presents itself as a place of revitalization and restoration of harmony between the body, mind, and nature.

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This is a mystical place of leisure and relaxation, immersed in the exuberant Azorean nature and features geothermally heated water from an iron-rich water spring.

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In thermal spas, thermal water is known to offer various health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, reducing stress/pain, and aiding with skin problems. 

Água férrea Poça da Dona Beija - Paraíso termal nas Furnas

Indeed, iron-rich water can also be beneficial for allergies, anemia, as well as other medical conditions.


After going unnoticed for many years, the Dona Beija Pool is currently perhaps the best facility of its kind in the Azores Archipelago. Also known as Poça da Juventude [Youth Pools], Água do Poço [Well Water] or Poça do Paraíso [Paradise Pools], the quality and temperature of the iron-rich, crystal-clear water leaves no one indifferent.

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Water germinates

Along the bank of the stream Ribeira dos Lameiros, where the hot water flows downstream, enriching it over the years and boosting the farming of the famous “Furnas hot water taro”, which stood out in the local landscape.


The discovery of magic

Legend has it that a pool fed by water springing from a cave in Lomba das Barracas was first used on a regular basis by a local priest. As it became increasingly famous and more people started using it, the government decided to develop the site in 1988 and, after this initial development, the natural site of the cave spring of Lomba das Barracas started to be known as the Dona Beija Pool, being named after a Brazilian soap opera airing on local TV at the time.



There were growing environmental concerns over the uncontrolled increase in the number of pool-goers. Therefore, in 2005, the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea agreed that a redevelopment plan was urgently needed. In February 2007, the public was banned from the pool over public health and safety concerns.


Criações Naturais

On November 29, 2010, the pool was officially reopened and the management and maintenance of the Dona Beija thermal pools was awarded to the company Criações Naturais, Lda. by public tender.


Honoring nature

More recently, from 2014 to 2015, the concessionaire further redeveloped the site. The conservation of the natural space that surrounds the Dona Beija thermal pools is one of the main concerns of the company Criações Naturais, Lda., which is in charge not only of cleaning and maintaining the pool area and infrastructure but also of the surrounding natural landscape.


Security and inclusion

More recently, between 2021 and 2022, the changing rooms and sanitary facilities were renovated. In this way, it was possible to improve conditions focused on safety, hygiene and quality, adding facilities for reduced mobility, which previously did not exist on site.

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The contrast of hot water with cold water (mixture of thermal water with water from the stream) provides a pleasant bath. 

This pool may sometimes be unavailable.

Hot Spring

The cave where it all begins

The cave at Lomba das Barracas is the source of all the magic of the Dona Beija thermal pool complex.


Swimming pool with two cascading water inlets, which allow you to enjoy a thermal massage while sitting. 


The curtain of geothermally heated water provides you with an outdoor sauna experience. You can enjoy a gentle massage by leaning out of the curtain, while listening to the sound contrast between the wind and the water quietly flowing away that generates unique tones.

Thermae Socializing

Ample space with different depths and which has an immersed bench, which allows you to live serenely at 39ºC. 

Privileged area for its panoramic view over the Poça scenery, which gains another mysticity, at dusk, by framing it with vegetation and lighting.


This thermal area, at greater depth, has two water inlets in the form of a waterfall that allow for a more invigorating massage, as a result of the pressure of the hot water. This area is surrounded by a wall with undulating shapes that allow moments of intense relaxation and total submersion.

Changing Room
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Parking lot

Poça da Dona Beija has a small free car park, located near the entrance. Customers can enjoy this, subject to availability. 

There is also parking space available nearby.