POÇA DA DONA BEIJA | Thermal Paradise | Furnas – São Miguel – Açores

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Tickets and Access

General information

Ensure access to Poça da Dona Beija by purchasing your tickets online through our official website: bookings.pocadadonabeija.com.

Printed and digital tickets are accepted.

The ticket includes access to the different areas for thermal baths/pools at Poça da Dona Beija, the support infrastructure and the souvenir shop. At the entrance of the store, a basket is available to place your belongings. Cold water showers are included in this set of services.


8 per person
6 from 2 to 6 years old (mandatory presentation of ID)
Free age under 2 years old

The tickets have a maximum stay limit of

1 hour and 30 minutes

Last entry at 21:30. The customers will have to leave the pools until 22:30.

Here you have

All the information you need to know

Once the ticket is purchased for entry into Poça da Dona Beija, the customer can enjoy the space for a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We do not offer exchanges, returns, and/or refunds for purchased tickets or services.

The premises of Poça da Dona Beija are prepared to receive visits from people with reduced mobility. However, it is important to note that there is no appropriate access to the pools (access to the pools is only through stairs/steps).

In this context, it is clarified that Poça da Dona Beija does not provide accompanying staff.

The entry and stay of minors is allowed on the premises, with the proper accompaniment and supervision of an adult. 

If the conditions mentioned above are not proven, Poça da Dona Beija reserves the right to deny entry.

Available services

Included in the ticket

* Subject to availability

Extra services (purchasable)

**The security deposit is €20 per item (in cash). This amount will be refunded at the end/upon returning the rented item.

ATTENTION:  We do not offer exchanges, returns, and/or refunds for purchased tickets or services.

Água férrea Poça da Dona Beija - Paraíso termal nas Furnas


Rich-iron thermal water lowers blood pressure, so pregnant women, babies, the elderly, people with low blood pressure or other health problems should first consult a doctor about whether and/or how long they can stay in hot iron thermal water.

Nails and nail varnishes may change color. Dyed, bleached hair (or similar and especially blonde) may irreversibly change color. It is recommended to use a shower cap.

It is recommended not to wear silver, gold or other types of jewelry, as they might tarnish.

To remove / minimize traces of iron, it is recommended to wash swimwear before drying.

Faced with adverse weather conditions (lightning, thunder, among others), swimmers are advised to leave all pools.

Água férrea Poça da Dona Beija - Paraíso termal nas Furnas

Rules for the use
of the premises

Compliance with the rules of use will make the experience, in this pleasant place, beneficial for all and in harmony with Nature.

When purchasing Poça da Dona Beija tickets, the customer undertakes to respect and comply with the following rules of good conduct in the premises:

Filming & reporting inside the premises is subject to prior approval / validation.

Please be careful before taking pictures or filming, in order to respect the privacy of other customers.

The use of drones to capture images throughout the facitilies is expressly prohibited.